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The Zion gold rush, C. R. Fulton - paperback

So...Much...Gold... When Isaiah's dad is hired to print 3D dinosaur bones, his family is invited to join him. On this trip, the kids are glamping--enjoying the luxury of an RV instead of camping in tents. Attending a park-sponsored stargazing event, Isaiah, Sadie, and Ethan overhear a ranger tell his favorite legend of a gold mine hidden in Zion. While exploring the park, they venture off to investigate an intriguing narrow path. Unexpectedly, they stumble across a carving on a stone face. "10N 25F 5B 11N 7S 3D," Isaiah reads. What is it? "Looks like ancient Indian lettering to me," Ethan says. Was this just some historic carving or is it somehow connected to the treasure? Were others searching for the gold mine as well? What secrets are hidden within the canyons and mountains of Zion? Join The Campground Kids as they embark on this exciting treasure hunt at Zion National Park
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185 pages, 19 cm.

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